“The One Thing You’re Overlooking In The FIRE Movement” - New Article on Betterment Blog

As an enthusiastic follower of the Financial Independence/Early Retirement (FIRE) movement, you might have already implemented enough of the recommended life-hacks to retire 20 years sooner than your peers. Kudos! But could being married help you reach financial independence even sooner?

The answer might be yes. Here’s why…

“Fighting Financial Guilt In The Era Of Latte Shaming” - New Article on Betterment Blog

In the good old days, people would often blame a case of the jitters on their morning coffee. Then came the “latte factor,” which popularized the notion that this ritual could mean the difference between prosperity and financial ruin. Ever since, the average $5 daily price of a cup has probably caused more coffee-induced anxiety than the 150 mg of caffeine itself.

But you can have your latte and drink it too. Here’s how!

“Health Savings Accounts: The Sharpest Tax Tool In The Shed?” - New Article on Betterment Blog

You might say that Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are the Swiss Army knives of financial planning tools. Both were originally designed for a particular function, but their unique designs lend them a versatility not found elsewhere in the toolshed. As a result, they have evolved over time into powerful multi-purpose solutions.

Click here to find out if an HSA might be just the tool for your tax planning needs.

“Women and Money: Bridge the Gap” - New Article on Betterment Blog

$430,480. That’s what it costs to be a woman, according to the National Women’s Law Center. It’s the wage gap that results from a lifetime of being paid less than men.

Let’s take a look at that and other financial hurdles women face, issues they should consider, opportunities they should take advantage of, and what it will take to bridge the gap.

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