Getting Off on the Right Foot

It's only Day 1, and already this Transaction Cleanse is turning into just the sort of traditional food cleanse I said I always avoid. How's that possible, you wonder? Well, I went on an absolutely gorgeous spring hike with my Friday hiking group. Afterwards, many of them were planning to go to the audaciously named Dine'N'Dash for a post-hike snack'n'beer on the patio.  

On a typical day, I probably would have gone.  But on this particular day – only the first of my Transaction Cleanse, not to mention April Fools' Day – I gave pause. After all, any time spent at the Dine'N'Dash undoubtedly would have resulted in at least one transaction, and it would have felt like an epic fail to not even make it through a single transaction-free day.  

Perhaps you are thinking: "You could have gone, not had anything to eat or drink, and simply enjoyed everyone's company."  As if.  With this knowledge about myself in mind plus the realization that I could probably make it through the rest of the day without a transaction, I managed to convince myself to opt out. 

So that was fast.  Only 1 day in, and I've already experienced the power of increasing my awareness around spending. I can't wait to see what the remaining 29 days will bring!