Show Time

Back on April Fools Day when I started this Transaction Cleanse, I said I wasn’t a big fan of traditional food-related cleanses because they have the unintended side effect of making the “cleanser” want to binge.  Sure enough, a Transaction Cleanse can also lead to binging, although not in exactly the way I anticipated. 

If it worked the same as a food cleanse, you might expect a Transaction Cleanse to result in a spending binge.  Instead, it is prompting me to binge watch “The Good Wife”.  Or rather, I should say it is prompting me to accelerate my preexisting rate of binge watching “The Good Wife”.  Let me explain.

You see, I was already watching at such a blazing pace as to somehow have caught up with the current season in too short a period than I care to admit.  Alas, the current season is the only one not free with Amazon Prime.  Rather, I can pay $1.99 per episode or $40-something for the season. Hmmmmm, that’s seems like kind of a lot.  Perhaps more importantly, it's definitely more than the $0 I’ve promised myself I would spend during this last week of the cleanse.

What’s an addict to do??  Obviously, find another way to get her fix. Oh, sure, technically I could just wait until post-cleanse and pony up the cash, or until post-season when presumably it will shift to free. But that would mean waiting the better part of a week or – yikes! – months for closure.  To quote the dearly departed Prince, “It means forever and that's a mighty long time. But I'm here to tell you. There's something else.”

It seems that you can sign up for a trial week subscription to CBS All Access before it converts to $5.99 a month. So driven to great lengths by this Transaction Cleanse, I signed up last week and have been hitting it pretty hard ever since.  If memory serves, I only have to watch about 6 more episodes before 6 AM tomorrow to polish them off and avert the disaster of an auto-transaction.  As I write this, it strikes me that a behavioral psychologist would have a field day with this.  And I’ll definitely have to go back and analyze it myself as part of the Transaction Cleanse post-mortem.  But now if you’ll excuse me, I have a show (or 6) to watch.