5 Vacation Expenses That Made Me Cringe

July was a whirlwind of travel on two coasts, 3 weeks of unforgettable experiences, sights, and times with friends and family. But, personal finance-wise, it sure is good to be home. Here are 5 reasons why:
1.    Cost to ship bike – see related post 
2.    $19 for three slices of pizza on Nantucket. OK, everything on Nantucket.         
3.    1 AM cab ride to hotel that was supposed to be close to airport: $30.
4.    Almost $500 to rent a “car” for 10 days. Actually, it was more like a golf cart and the driver’s seat was designed by a sadist.
5.    $190 to park my car at Sacramento airport. In the dirt section of the Economy lot. Bonus: $7 for car wash to remove layer of dirt inexplicably deposited from parking lot onto car. (Does Sacramento get tornadoes in July?)