Thin Mint: A Month Of Minimalist Money Management Musings

First in the Thin Mint series of posts

The eponymous cookie

The eponymous cookie

Are you making the most of your money? A series of recent life events significantly affected my finances, causing my money management needs to change as well.   Just as I was coming to this realization, an email notification from J.D. Roth of alerted me to his recent review of personal finance software, and an idea was born. 

It had been many years since my frustrated attempts to use Quicken steered me to the "reverse budgeting" strategy I described in this article. So I decided it was time to check out the latest technology and share my findings with readers of the blog.  This will be done via a month-long series of posts I'll call “Thin Mint,” a nod to the beloved Girl Scout cookie as well as my insistence on keeping it simple.  

March 2017 will be dedicated to “minimalist money management musings,” in which I write about my experiences choosing, setting up, and using (spoiler alert!)  The goal is to gain at-a-glance insights into..

  • how I’m doing now, 
  • how that’s changing on a monthly basis, and
  • how I might do better

...with near-zero ongoing effort. That’s not too much to ask, is it? By April 1 (ahem), we’ll have some answers. If your goals are similar, I invite you to subscribe to the blog and follow along!

p.s. Got questions related to Mint or tracking your personal finances? Shoot me a message.