“10 Financial To-Dos Before Your First Wedding Anniversary” - New Article on Betterment Blog

All you need is love, sang the Beatles. Sonny and Cher were warned their love wouldn’t pay the rent. With your recent wedding, now it’s your turn to mix money and matrimony.

First wedding or fifth, if your goal is more “for richer” and less “for poorer,” what financial to-dos should you check off before your first anniversary?

Click here to find out.

“Riding Out Roller Coaster Markets” - New Article on Betterment Blog

Raging Bull. Great Bear. Rampage. Dare Devil Dive. These are the names of roller coasters guaranteed to deliver chills and thrills. They’d also make good taglines for certain investment market conditions.

Sure, it’s been fun riding this year’s bull market, but what goes up must eventually come down. What’s an investor to do? Click here to find out.

Win at Money By Asking How to Lose - New Article on Betterment Blog

“What could I do to destroy my financial health this year?" It’s exactly the opposite of what people typically ask themselves about their money.  But if you're looking to hone your financial plan, it pays to make like George Costanza in the “Do the Opposite” episode of Seinfeld and turn the same ol’ same, ol’ way of doing things on its head. In my latest article on Betterment’s blog, I explain.

"10 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Financial Advisor" - New Article on Guidevine Blog

Breaking up is hard to do. Same as with a significant other, ending a long-standing relationship with your financial advisor can be complex, painful, and expensive. But lately, you can’t escape the feeling it’s just not working any more. Is it a case of “the grass is always greener” or has the relationship simply run its course? Find out in my new article on the Guidevine blog.