Intentional Leftovers, Big Thrill

That's how I'm thinking about my Saturday plans for a Cook from the Pantry Day, i.e. batch cook dishes based on whatever's already in the house.  True, if a warm sunny day were forecast and I weren't in the middle of a Transaction Cleanse, this might not be on the agenda. But rain is on tap, and this idea really appeals to me. Here's why:

  • It eliminates the need to spend, thereby improving Transaction Cleanse stats.
  • It reduces clutter by using up stuff that, at one point a very long time ago, we bought waaaaaay too much of. (I'm looking at you, Bob's Red Mill wheat gluten bought in bulk.)
  • By generating more of a dish than is needed today, it eliminates the need to cook for much of the week and perhaps even longer, if some goes in the freezer.
  • It's undoubtedly healthier -  not to mention much cheaper – than the restaurant food we might turn to in the midst of a midweek dinner panic. 
  • It's even cheaper than the more convenient options we purchase from the grocery store, e.g. homemade anadema bread vs. a $5 loaf of Grainiac, dried beans vs. canned, homemade seitan vs. store-bought.  (Never mind the money you save on gas not running around to specialty stores to find this stuff.)
  • It tastes better.
  • It's fun.  Particularly if you happen to have chocolate chip cookie mix in the pantry.

Transaction Cleanse takeaways for the day include:

  • Eat your sunk costs.  They're delicious!
  • Only buy bulk for things you have a history of eating in bulk.
  • Ending the California drought is not the only positive aspect of weekend rain.