Readers who have been on the edge of their seats as my Transaction Cleanse has come into conflict with binge watching “The Good Wife” can breathe a big sigh of relief. As they might say on the show, a legal drama, I’ve been granted a continuance.  (Or maybe that should be “a stay of execution”??)

With great effort and focus, I was able to get through five of the six remaining episodes of the show before my CBS All Access pass was to either expire or auto renew. Since I could not make a transaction without breaking my cleanse, I called to cancel my subscription, leaving the fate of the final gap episode uncertain. 

In an incredible stroke of luck, I was able to reach someone on the phone at 6:05 PDT.  To my surprise and delight, she offered to extend the trial subscription to a month without me even asking. Yes, please!  So there you have it… another Transaction Cleanse crisis narrowly averted.